Combinatorial Oligo Bead Libraries

Bead-based Oligonucleotide Combinatorial Libraries (BOCL) are used for X-Aptamer selections, next generation sequencing (NGS), single cell RNA sequencing, as well as other applications.

Specialty Nucleotides

Chemical diversity enhances interaction between an X-Aptamer and its target. Numerous modifications have been incorporated in X-Aptamer bead-based libraries.

X-Aptamer Selection Kit for Molecular Targets

The X-Aptamer Selection Kit enables a scientist or lab technician to perform most of an X-Aptamer selection in his/her own lab using standard equipment.

Protein Targets for XA Selections

Protein target quality and purity significantly affect X-Aptamer selections. AM Biotech works with experts in the research protein industry to provide high quality proteins that are well suited for use as X-Aptamer selection targets.

X-Aptamer Kit for Cellular Targets

The X-Aptamer Selection Kit for Cells (XASK-C) is a powerful new technology that enables simple, rapid (one round) isolation of X-Aptamers that bind to a cellular target.

PS2 Reagents

Thiophosphoramidites are reagents used to synthesize internucleotide linkages that contain two non-bridging sulfurs in place of the oxygens.